Challenge task - 2-zone alarm system

We have now completed the guide to Arduino. This final page is for those of you who wish to complete a challenge task to test your knowledge. You will be given a Project Specification, using the Arduino and the Multi Functional Shield, you must write a program to meet the requirements. Once completed, you can email your sketch file to us and one of our specialist can test your program for you.

Note: The difficulty of this specification is based on what has been covered throughout the course. However, it will require a combination of functions and programming techniques. The purpose of this challenge task is to be able to build a system using what we have gone through in the programming course.

Project Specification

Using the Arduino and the MFS together, you are to write a program to build a 2-zone alarm system. The specified requirements are as follows:

1. When the Arduino boots up for the first time, there must be a short visual indication to show that the system has powered on.

2. Then the board must not perform any action or operation until an input has been detected.

3. If button 1 is pressed, zone 1 is active. When zone 1 is active, there must be an LED indication to show that this zone is active and on the MFS display there must be a specific message displayed for zone 1. When button 1 is pressed again, zone 1 should no longer be active and the Arduino must go back to its original state.

4. Similarly, if button 2 is pressed, zone 2 is active and is the same as zone 1. There should be a separate LED indication and a different MFS message for this zone. When button 2 is pressed again, zone 2 is no longer active.

5. Whilst either of the zones are active, if button 3 is pressed, this should trigger an alarm using the buzzer. If button 3 is pressed again, this should reset the alarm and disarm all zones.

We recommend breaking down the specification in order to get a better understanding of what is required. Once completed, you can send your final sketch to us via email - [email protected]

The team at InnoVech would like to wish you all the best and thank you for joining us on the Complete Guide to Arduino Course!