Clap Circuit by jhe

Updated 22/10/2020

In this project, we will be following electronic engineering principles to build a PCB using a wide range of components. The aim of this project is to teach concepts of engineering to design, build, test and manufacture a PCB circuit.

Joël Huser Électronique and InnoVech have come together to produce this open source project and we strongly advise learners to participate and get involved by making use of the resources. Relevant files are available below.

This project is for educational purposes only and is wholly the owners property. InnoVech does not take credit for the theoretical content and information of this project.​​

Schematic Diagram:

PCB Design:

Gerber Files and Bill of Materials:

Gerber files for this PCB design are available to download if you wish to go ahead and produce this PCB for yourself. Along side this, a Bill of Materials (BOM), for each individual part required for this project, is also available.

Download Gerber Files

Download Bill of Materials

Source Code for PIC12F629:

The source code to flash the PIC12f629 is available to download. This code is required for the the circuit to perform as specified. However, you may wish alter and customise the code for personal use.

Download PIC Source Code

Electronic Engineering Project Report:

The final project report contains theoretical information about the circuit itself. This details the information regarding the operation of the circuit and how each component contributes to its specific area. JHE have completed electrical analysis of the circuit, meeting circuit standards as well as health and safety regulation.

View Project Report


Project Report & Content by Joël Huser Électronique

Proofreading and Project Publishing InnoVech, Zaqyas Mahmood

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